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Online and In-Person Service


You have the power to change your life! I work with my clients to instill hope, face challenges and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. Therapy is a way to invest in yourself. Learning to give to yourself is the most important gift you can receive. Gift yourself the ability to live in the present. Therapy can free you from the past, take control of the present and redefine the future.


My goal is to help couples move beyond their reactive cycles and create a safe emotional connection. When couples learn to move from a defensive place into a vulnerable place, transformation can occur. Learn how to create dialogue, negotiate, speak your truth and make mindful choices. Finding the balance between individual integrity and relational needs requires a definition of intimacy and differentiation that allows for each person to grow to his/her full potential and allows greater intimacy and communication. My job is to help clients identify their individual and shared dynamics, OWN their part of the problem, communicate safely, and move toward being more loving and empathic. I can help with communication, boundaries, jealousy, intimacy and infidelity. 


Therapy sessions focus on understanding individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within the context of their families. The goal is to strengthen family resources and help family members work collaboratively towards solutions to their problems.

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