With curiosity, sensitivity, empathy, skill, and compassion, I will help you to resolve a wide range of life challenges, transitions and psychological issues using your SELF as the healer!
Psychotherapy , similar to life, is a process which is always in a state of transformation. Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an efficient, direct, effective and comprehensive approach that includes guidelines for working with individuals, couples and families.


Laura Goldstein has been in the field since 1996 helping people using an integrative mind-body approach to suit their own needs and growth. As a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist, my treatment approach is to provide you with support through mindfulness, insight and cutting-edge mind-body therapeutic approaches to help you address current challenges and long-standing issues. 



    •    Depression, Anxiety and Stress

    •    Self-Esteem Building

    •    Coping with Sexual Abuse

    •    Improving Communication Skills

    •    Mindfulness Therapy


    •    Adult/Parent Struggles

    •    Marital and Relationship Conflicts

    •    Pre-Natal Anxiety and Stress

    •    Post-Partum Depression

    •    Mental & Emotional Skills